Report a fake

Came across a fake website or advertisement? Report it to our Brand Protection team!

You may have heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And whilst that's a nice way to put it - we've got no time for fakes! So let's keep it real. Here, you can report any fake websites and advertisements you come across, as well as finding all the information you need on what's real and what's not.

Stay safe out there, folks!


Buying from a fake website is a high risk, no reward kinda thing. You can expect the items on there to be poor quality and different to what you ordered, with long shipping waits and no return or refund options either - that is, if you even receive those items in the first place. And these aren't even the worst things that can happen when you purchase from a fake website.

Your personal data may fall into unsafe hands, where it can be misused or even sold on the dark web. Alongside this, counterfeit items can be linked to organised crime - they can be produced by the trafficking and exploitation of people, through migrant smuggling and modern slavery, and linked to corruption and money laundering.

And another pointer - counterfeiters will not take into account the environmental issues of their production. Possible use of toxic dyes, chemicals disposed of unlawfully and unregulated air pollution are just a few examples of how counterfeiting can contribute to environmental pollution. This, of course, is everything we stand against at Dermavel, where sustainability efforts are at the heart of what we do, and we strive to be better every day.

So remember - avoid the fakes, and keep it real. Just by doing that, you're doing your bit.


I’ve ordered from a fake website, what do I do now?

As you have purchased through a fake website, you may have been a victim of fraud, therefore, we advise that you contact your bank/payment method as soon as possible and they can arrange a refund for the counterfeit items you’ve bought. Please report the website through the link above. We can then work to get this removed as soon as possible!

Can you refund me for my charge?

Unfortunately, as these sites are in no way connected to Dermavel we’re unable to process a refund for you. We would advise you contact your bank/payment method for more information on acquiring a refund.

Are my bank details at risk if I’ve ordered from a fake website?

Please raise any concerns you have regarding your bank details with your bank directly. We would advise you follow their recommendations for keeping your account safe and secure. Please also be wary of any phishing email scams that you may potentially be susceptible to.

I’ve seen an advertisement on social media for a sale, is this real?

If we have a sale, we’ll shout about it across our social media channels but only through our verified accounts! Make sure you check that the account advertising a sale is our official, verified account before placing any orders.

I’ve been contacted through Instagram, was this you?

We will only ever contact you through one of our verified accounts. If it hasn’t got the blue tick - it’s not us. If you're ever unsure who's contacted you, please reach out to our customer support team and we'll find out for you. You can also report any fake advertisements on social media by clicking on the 3 dots at top right of the sponsored ad to report it to the social media platform directly. The more reports they receive, the better!

How do I know what is a legitimate website?

We do not sell our items through any third parties - only through the official website. Always make sure to check the URL before ordering!

What are you doing to prevent this from happening?

We regularly feature posts across our social media channels and blog page with any relevant information to help protect our community. We also have a dedicated team working to get all fake advertisements and fraudulent websites removed as quickly as possible.