Hey 👋  we get it, it's hard to trust a product which sounds too good to be true. 

That's why we're proud to offer our 90 day money-back guarantee which means that if you have not seen any results within 90 days of using any of our products we will refund you in full.

How to claim your money back:

You must have purchased the product directly from our official store; dermavel.com, after 23rd November 2021.

1. As results are not always instant, we require that you first trial our product(s) for at least 70 days from the date of delivery, but no more than 90 days.

2. All 90 Day money-back guarantee applications MUST be submitted within 90 days of receiving your Dermavel from the date of delivery as marked by the package carrier. 

Email us your money-back application together with your order receipt to info@dermavel.com with the subject: 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

3. During this trial period you must complete a minimum of one (1) treatment session. If no visible results within the 1st session, you need to perform at least two to five (2-5) more sessions. 

If purchased a fibroblast plasma pen, all sessions must be well documented with before and after images for both pre- and post-treatment, including after care. This including date and timestamps for each session that will be required for review.

4. Once approved you will be given instructions on how to return your product.

5. Dermavel will issue the refund after the item has been received and inspected at our warehouse.

6. Please allow up to 7-14 business days for the refund to be processed back to your original payment method.

7. Incomplete, indecipherable or illegible claims will be deemed invalid. Dermavel is not liable for any improper or incorrect use of the product(s) or after care.

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Included in your package is:

1 x Dermavel® Plasma Pen

10 x Dermavel® Fine Needles

3 x Dermavel® Coarse Needle

1 x Dermavel® Needle Guard

1 x USB Charging cable
1 x User Guide