Everything you need to know about Fibroblast Plasma Therapy.

In general, skin tag removal is an aesthetic treatment and that is not covered by health insurance, unless it is infected or bleeding.

Removal of infected skin tags is a covered benefit under your health plan. However, if it is for cosmetic reasoning the cost will vary depending on the size and number of skin tags treated.

Everyone’s pain threshold is different, so what one person might find painful, another might hardly notice. Generally speaking, though, Plasma Pen fibroblast treatments are considered mildly to moderately uncomfortable.

Some areas, like around the eyes, are more sensitive than others, but a numbing cream (Lidocaine 5%) can often be used to soothe any pain.

There are several key factors. One of them is; using a Fibroblast therapy at home is far cheaper than visiting the dermatologist, which can cost up to £1,000 or more.

Plasma Needles are considered disposable items; they naturally get dull over time. If not replaced after each treatment session, you may feel more intense discomfort during the session, or potentially expose yourself to an increased risk of scarring and infections. 

The Plasma Fine needles are clinically prepared and designed for one session only; you may use the same needle for multiple areas and blemishes within the same treatment session.

The Plasma Coarse needles may be used multiples times for up to one month with proper sanitation and disinfection.

Please be advised; if you feel any increased discomfort, or if the needle(s) doesn’t generate a plasma arc, replace it immediately. 

Additional needles can be bought anytime here.

The Plasma Pen treats sebaceous hyperplasia, fine lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, forehead lines, turkey neck, neck lines, sagging eyelids, stretchmarks, wrinkles, skin tags and moles, bags and hoods on the upper and lower eyelids, acne scars, accordion lines, loose skin on the tummy and jawline, and so much more.

The Dermavel® Fibroblast Plasma Pen is rechargeable and designed to be re-used for years.

Getting the Duo or Trio Kit is a great way of saving more, it’s perfect as a gift or giveaway for friends and family. 

Yes, but please always consult with a licensed dermatologist, physician, or medical advisor first.

Moles can be cancerous and should not undergo any types of treatments or procedures before cleared by a licensed dermatologist, physician, or medical advisor first.

Before using a plasma pen, make sure that the mole, freckle, or skin tag can safely be removed. Any suspicious moles that look irregular, crusted, or discolored should not have any procedure performed; please always consult with a licensed dermatologist, physician, or medical advisor first.

See our safety page for more information:

No, the Dermavel Plasma Pen was specifically designed to leave no scars or scratches after use. After treatment, avoid sun exposure and tanning beds to the treated area.

Once the scabbing process is complete, always apply broad spectrum SPF 50 or higher to the area for a minimum of 3 months after your last treatment. This skin is still healing and can easily become damaged by any UV rays and may cause hyperpigmentation and/or premature aging.

The Plasma Pen works by applying small charges of plasma energy to the skin, which causes the skin to undergo a process of sublimation. That means that the skin in the area where you apply the Plasma Pen will be rejuvenated by turning into a gas and later returning to its younger form.

Fine needles are for one-time (1) usage for smaller areas, and the coarse needles can be used over multiple sessions, up to 2 months with proper disinfection care.

You may not look your absolute best during the initial healing process, expect healing to occur within 5–7 days, sometimes up to 21 days. You’ll start to see real results on the treated area in 2–4 weeks, when elastin and collagen production starts. By contrast, removing a skin tag doesn’t require any healing. Once you remove it, it’s gone! If you have any questions upon receiving your Plasma Pen, then feel free to contact us, and we‘ll get back to you within 24 hours. At Dermavel, customer support is a top priority.

After a fibroblast session, tiny crusts will quickly form on the treated area; these may be visible for 4-10 days.

You’ll start to see real results on the treated area in 2–4 weeks, when elastin and collagen production starts. For more information, see the After Care guide.

The bundle includes five fine needles, a coarse needle, and a needle guard adapter for protecting and connecting the needle to the Plasma Pen. For maximum sanitation, you should discard each needle after using it. If you want to order more needles, then please visit our accessories page.

Yes. Dermavel’s Plasma Pen is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cord. A fully charged battery lasts for 4-5 hours.

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